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Cheer Choreography & Routines



Cheerleading is a competitive sport that incorporates stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance. Athletes train at a high level, achieving strength, power, endurance and flexibility. In addition to gains in physical health, athletes also experience mental health benefits, leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem.

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Cheer Choreography & Routines

The Types of Choreography in Cheerleading

As a cheerleader, you will be responsible for learning and performing various types of routines. Routines can range from simple motions to elaborate dance routines and stunt performances. Depending on the level of competition, your routine may need to meet specific requirements in terms of length, difficulty, and content. Here is a guide to the different types of choreography you may encounter as a cheerleader:

Simple Chants & Cheers: These are typically short routines that focus on basic motions and simple vocal commands. They are often used to lead the crowd in cheering or to introduce the team.

Dance Routines: Dance routines are more complex than simple chants and cheers, and usually include a variety of moves set to music. These routines can be used to showcase the team's dance skills and to add excitement to the performance.

Stunt Routines: Stunt routines are designed to showcase the team's stunting abilities. They typically involve complex pyramids and tosses, and require a high level of skill and precision.

Showcase Routines: Showcase routines are designed to highlight the entire team's skills, including stunting, tumbling, and dance. These routines are usually longer and more complex than other types of routines, and often include multiple elements.

When choosing a routine for your team, it is important to consider the level of competition and the skills of your team members. Choose a routine that will showcase your team's strengths and give them the opportunity to shine. With proper practice and dedication, your team can perform any type of routine with confidence and success.

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