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Cheer Training



Cheerleading is a competitive sport that incorporates stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance. Athletes train at a high level, achieving strength, power, endurance and flexibility. In addition to gains in physical health, athletes also experience mental health benefits, leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem.

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Cheer Training

The Types of Training for Cheerleaders

Cheer is a competitive sport that requires dedication, endurance, and strength. Luckily, Explosion Cheer Academy provides the cheer training that every young cheerleader requires to become their all! We offer comprehensive training for cheer squads to excel in competitions and performances.

Our coaches specialize in various aspects of cheerleading, including tumbling, stunting, jumps, and dance. Practices incorporate these elements to prepare our athletes for a well-rounded competitive routine. Being able to execute on competition day starts with getting your practice in!

Gymnastics is a critical component of competitive cheerleading. Our athletes require a strong foundation in gymnastics in order to successfully complete more advanced skills. Our coaches are experts in gymnastics training and can help athletes of all levels reach their goals. Our athletes undergo rigorous drills and exercises to improve their strength, flexibility, and agility. We also focus on proper form and technique so that our athletes can perform safely and confidently.

In addition to physical training, our coaches also focus on the mental aspect of cheerleading. We prioritize the development of teamwork skills, positivity, and sportsmanship among our athletes. Cheerleaders also need practice in order to memorize their routines, learn new moves, develop timing with music, and more. Practice makes perfect as they say, and that's evident when watching our cheer squads' routines!

If you are interested in competitive cheerleading, make sure to embrace gymnastics training! It's necessary to help you achieve your goals and reach the next level. Join us at Explosion Cheer Academy to be part of a competitive cheer squad and reach your highest potential as a cheerleader.

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